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Car Accidents in Ontario: Rush Hour Vs Late Night

Traffic Fatalities More Common With Fewer Drivers on the Road The more cars there are on the road, the more accidents. This common-sense conclusion is backed up by statistics from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. But did you know the … [Read more]

What’s the difference between commercial auto insurance & regular car insurance?

Commercial auto or Commercial Vehicle insurance can be misunderstood by consumers. Here are some of the myths; 1. Is commercial Vehicle Insurance is more expensive than regular car insurance?Not necessarily. Especially in the Toronto area, you … [Read more]

Five Common Commercial Insurance Claim Questions

Common Commercial Insurance Claim Questions   The whole point of commercial insurance is to have some kind of financial “safety net” in place should something unexpected occur that results in a loss or damage to your business. However, … [Read more]

Crucial questions to ask your broker when purchasing commercial office building insurance.

Crucial Questions to Ask Your Broker When Purchasing Commercial Office Building Insurance   Taking the step to get an office building for your business is often a major one. There’s significant expense at play here, but ultimately, owning … [Read more]

What Is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber Liability Insurance Of all the technologies that have come in the last 30 years, it is probably the computer that has done more to change the way people live and work than any other device. By processing massive amounts of information, and … [Read more]

Equipment breakdown

As a business owner, you control your own livelihood. You can set your own hours, solely control the direction your company is headed in, and directly prosper from the success of your business. However, as a business owner you also absorb the risk of … [Read more]

Please don’t be late on your insurance payments

Sometimes people forget to pay their insurance premiums, or they send in their payments too late. Sometimes there may not be enough money in your bank account, and the cheque for your insurance premium bounces. Either way, it can lead to a very bad … [Read more]

What is business interruption insurance, and why do you need it ?

One additional coverage to your business insurance policy is Business Interruption. Sometimes this feature is included automatically in a package policy. What does it do? It can cover what your business would have earned during a shutdown … [Read more]

How to protect yourself from fraud caused by staged car accidents

We know that you can be shaken up when you're involved in an accident. But it's important to be aware of signs or behaviours that may indicated there was a staged collision or some other auto insurance scam. Some fraud artists intentionally setup … [Read more]

Save Time & Money On Commercial Auto Insurance

When people look for commercial vehicle insurance, consumers frequently don't have the right information ready. What information should you have ? The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number (also known as serial number) of your vehicle. … [Read more]